How to Change Anything

Do you live where and how you would like to?

Can you purchase the quality food, furnishings and other material objects you are attracted to?

Are all your relationships harmonious?  Would you like them to be?

Is there anything you would like different in your world?  your health? your body?

What if changing anything was easier than you thought?

In this workshop Dr. Dorena Rode, author of the Answers are Within series, will explain how rapid change is possible without a lot of effort.  She will facilitate individuals and the group in order to find and clear blocks to changing specific issues, so bring your issues.  You will get practical tools that will allow you to create a different reality. Gain insight and inspiration. Leave with next steps to creating more abundance, ease and fun in your life.

FREE event.

Location:  I Need an Angel

Limited seating!  Reserve seat and stay connected

More info:  Dorena (707) 291-7731    [email protected]

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