It’s like five years of therapy in one hour!
Ann Marie Wyman, Artist

Before my session with Dorena I was feeling burdened by some past negative experiences. I was actually questioning if I wanted to stay in the field.  After the session I was feeling much lighter and within 24 hours several positive things happened to move me forward, including being asked to speak at conference in my field!  I highly recommend a session with Dorena, if you are wanting to move forward, but are feeling a little bit stuck or unsure.
Susan Forster, M.Ed., Founder of

The change facilitation you did immediately “lifted a weight off” me and I already notice a change in my body and weight.
Lori Flyer, Medical Tech

Hi Dorena, I know this is slow in coming, but I wanted to make sure the session worked. And, wow, am I ever amazed. I have totally lost that disgusting gut feeling, when in my car, to run to the store and binge on cake! This has also helped me immensely in my food program on keeping the sugar out! I am at a loss for words as to how excited I am, and happy to have this feeling out of my life! Dorena, you so rock my world!
Teri Gauthier, Retired Medical Office Worker

To say Dorena is multi-faceted is an understatement! She gives 100% to everything she does. I have had the opportunity to experience her Change Facilitation. I was amazed at how much better I felt after each session. She is an honest, loving, caring and compassionate person. Dorena is one of those people that makes your life better having met her.
N. Ayers, Retired Property Manager

After my first healing session with Dorena I felt better than ever and really glad we hit some core issues. The next day the scale was down 5 pounds and a week later I am still feeling lighter and freer of sugar negativity. I am grateful and blessed.
Mary Leggat, Metaphysical Counselor

What tremendous relief I feel since our session. The pain in my heart and the agonizing lonesome feeling have both dissipated. I soooo appreciate the relief. I also seem to have a different perspective on death. Thanks for introducing me to this process. I’ll be back for more.
Gale A., Retired Corporate Executive

Taking the workshop with Dorena was the best thing I ever did. As I started the class I was going through a lot of changes and having paralyzing anxiety attacks. Now, a week later, I haven’t had a single attack. I have no anxiety. None. I am so peaceful.
April Hath, Customer Service Representative

The work you did at our last session about my skin being stronger and more youthful had an immediate impact.  When I got home I noticed that the bruise on my hand had completely changed and was half gone.

Lori Flyer, Medical Tech

Dorena helps me to be my best self. The belief change and inner child work have helped me reduce the fear I’ve held and to heal attachments and losses I’ve experienced. Her intuition and gentle guidance are empowering me to clear the past, live with greater clarity in the present and gives me hope for a life as my unencumbered spiritual self.
Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D., LISAC

You will NOT find a better motivational ‘coach’ or someone to help you to “improve” yourself (in many, many ways.) She puts her entire Heart and Soul into this, and she truly wants to be of service to others. We all need to ‘make a living’ but, believe me, Dorena is not just doing this to make money. She is a true healer whose goal in life is to help others. I know! I have had sessions with her. A session with Dorena is an amazing and life-altering experience. I am so grateful to have met her, she has added much to my life. Do yourself a favor–make an appointment with Dorena. Then you will see for yourself that all I say is true.
Mary Jo Wheeler, Retired Nurse

Dorena demonstrates patience and kindness with students and assists them in understanding the more esoteric aspects of the curriculum.
Anonymous Workshop Participant

I have respected and benefited from Dorena Rode’s work since 1986. She is the most intelligent person I’ve known and gets to the root of an issue without delay and gets the job done. She couples her scholarly brilliance with a remarkable emotional intelligence. Whatever task she applies herself to she does with singular focus and presence. She facilitates one’s access to their own navigational compass and helps one select an appropriate map for their life’s journey.
Lori Katz, Dog Trainer