Help Yourself

Call for a free 15 minute consult appointment. 415-830-3777Change facilitation individual session with Dorena Rode

Individual session (60 minutes)
In-person or via Skype

Change Anything with Ease Teleseminar
On-going, bi-monthly group coaching sessions for individual change (Drop in or 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages available.)

Change Anything Core Workshop (30 hour program)
In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the core constructs of how to Change Anything and techniques for accessing the subconscious and pulling limiting beliefs. Participant will clear their own limitations with expert help and be able to practice the techniques they learned under Dr. Rode’s guidance.

Recognizing Subconscious Patterns practice groups
Special topic practice groups designed to deepen a person’s ability to detect pivotal beliefs that hold subconscious patterns in place.

Help Others

Change Facilitator Certification Program

  • Change Anything Core
  • Practice groups (30 hours of participation)
  • Comprehensive practical and written final exam

Change Agent Certification Program

  • Change Facilitator Certification
  • 200 hours of change facilitation practice
  • Supervised leading of Change Anything Core Workshop

Lifestyle Renovation Packages

Weekend Program

Intensive Program